Government of Pakistan

Ministry of Religious Affairs


Subject:           POLICY AND PLAN FOR HAJJ   2010.


The Policy and Plan for Hajj – 2009 proved to be successful as compared to previous Hajj policies. In order to improve the arrangements for Hajj 2010 and to incorporate changes, necessitated by the Saudi Taleemat as well as experience gained during previous Hajj operation, consultative process was initiated with a number of stakeholders. Meetings were held with various Ministries and organizations involved in Hajj operations such as Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Airlines, CAA, Banks, Hajj Group Organizers, NADRA, Directorate General of Immigration and Passports. 


2.         Based on their recommendations and suggestions and in pursuance of bilateral agreement between the Government of Pakistan and the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dated 06-3-2010, the draft Hajj Policy – 2010 has been formulated.  This policy shall remain valid for the next three (3) Hajj Operations subject to minor adjustments to be made by Ministry of Religious Affairs on account of Saudi Taleemat and changes conceived by Ministry of Religious Affairs from year to year for further improvement and betterment of the Hujjaj. Besides, the instant policy would be independent and without having any comparison with the previous Hajj policies.


3.         Salient features of Hajj Policy and Plan for Hajj – 2010, as approved by the Cabinet, are as follows:





The applications for Hajj-2010 will be invited w.e.f. 10-06-2010 under Government Scheme. The closing date will be 25-06-2010. The applications will be received through designated bank branches of ABL, HBL, MCB, NBP, UBL & ZTBL. International Machine Readable Passport (IMRP) in original will have to be deposited with the same bank branches within four (4) days of the ballot by the successful applicants, otherwise, they will be declared un-successful.



As per agreement with the Saudi Govt, 159,647 Pakistani nationals will perform Hajj 2010. The number of pilgrims under the Government Scheme would be 80,000 and those under HGO Scheme would be 79,647.  Additional quota of 10,353 has already been requested from the Saudi Government.



Mandatory requirement of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) for filing of Hajj applications will remain intact.



Saudi Government will affix Hajj Visa only on International Machine Readable Passport (IMRP), having validity of at-least one year on the date of filing the Hajj application.



No Hajj application shall be entertained for repeat Hajj, if the applicant has performed Hajj during the last five years except in three cases viz Mahram of a lady who did not perform Hajj earlier, Group Leader & Hajj-e-Badal.



                     i.               The ballot shall be held if the applications are received in excess of the seats available under Govt. Scheme. There will be no special quota and the hujjaj will be selected 100% through ballot under Government Hajj Scheme.


                   ii.               The applicants who have been unsuccessful in the ballot during last two years (i.e. Hajj December 2008 and Hajj November 2009) consecutively under Government Scheme shall be declared successful without ballot.


                  iii.               Unsuccessful applicants of a Hajj year will be declared successful in the succeeding Hajj year if they choose not to withdraw Hajj dues deposited by them;


                 iv.               The intending pilgrims for Hajj 2009 who could not proceed due to being defrauded by some HGOs shall be declared successful without ballot.


                  i.           The Hajj Flight Operation will commence with effect from the 3rd of Zul Qaadah 1431H / corr. (10-10-­2010) and will end as on 4th of Zul Hijjah 1431H. / corr. (10 -11-2010). Hujjaj would travel by PIA and Saudi Arabian Airline.


                ii.           Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot and Multan, would be used as International gateways for Hajj flights to Jeddah and Madina and back. Faisalabad, Rahim Yar Khan and Sukkur will be used as feeder air-ports unless air-lines operate small air-crafts from these stations.


               iii.           Booking of Hujjaj under Government Hajj Scheme would be made by the Ministry while booking under Hajj Group Organizers scheme would be made by the Hajj Group Organizers themselves directly with the airlines of their choice   (on or before the cut off date).


              iv.           Booking of seats (Hujjaj) with the Airlines shall precede departure of the Hajj Group Organizer for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hiring of buildings and making other arrangements.


                v.           The Hajj Group Organizer as a walk in customer will book the seats/ flight of the Hujjaj and make payments on the counter of the Airline in the shape of Bank draft/ pay order.


              vi.           There will be no VIP or Special flight. However members of the parliament and their family members may apply upto a cut-off date announced by Ministry of Religious Affairs and deposit the dues in a designated bank/ branch authorized by the Ministry.



The Hajj air-fare would be as under:-

Sector                                     Air Fare

Karachi/Quetta                        Rs.67,000/-

Other stations                         Rs.79,000/-




The detail of Hajj dues is as under:-




Other Stations

Air Fare



Terminal Tax (Rs.500+SR.50=Rs.1650)



Rent of accommodation at Makkah Mukarramah =(SR.3600)*



Rent of accommodation at Madina Munawwarah=(SR.500)



Compulsory Hajj Dues = SR.1789/-



Service Charges



Vaccination Charges



Personal Exchange Quota 



Total (in Rupees)




Note:- (1SR=Rs.23 approximately) * Saudi Riyals 3,600 is the upper limit. However, Haji will be charged on actual rent basis.



After deduction of compulsory hajj dues, accommodation charges and special services charges payable to Saudi Agencies, the balance amount in foreign exchange would be provided in cash to intending pilgrims before their departure from Pakistan to meet day-to-day expenses in Saudi Arabia.



There being acute shortage of buildings in the vicinity of Haram Sharif due to continuous demolition of buildings in Makkah Mukarramah, following conditions for hiring of accommodation for Hajj Pilgrims for Hajj – 2010 will be observed subject to minor adjustments to be made by Ministry of Religious Affairs on account of distance of buildings:-

                        i.         The maximum rent in Makkah Mukarramah shall be SR.3600 per pilgrim upto 2000 meters;

                      ii.         The determination of rent in Makkah Mukarramah will be based on quality of building and distance from Haram;

                     iii.         55-60% of accommodation shall be hired in Markazia in Madina Munawwarah;

                    iv.         Accommodation in Madina Munawwarah shall be hired @.SR.500/- per pilgrim per cycle to be paid on actual occupancy basis.



In order to ensure transparency and qualitative hiring of buildings, a new mechanism is being introduced which would contain an in-built system of check and balances:-




a.      The Hiring Committee in Saudi Arabia would comprise the following:­-


                                                               i.            Director General Hajj, Jeddah                      Chairman

                                                             ii.            Joint Secretary (Hajj)                                   Member

                                                            iii.            Any other person conversant with               Member

Makkah/ Madina nominated by MORA

                                                           iv.            Director Hajj, Jeddah.                                  Member

                                                             v.            Deputy Director Hajj,                                    Member

Madina Munawwarah.                                    (for Madina only)

                                                           vi.            Representative of the Pakistan                    Member

      Ambassador in Saudi Arabia          

                                                          vii.            Assistant Accounts Officer Jeddah             Convener

b.      In order to strengthen the Hiring Committee in Makkah and Madinah at least one officer of the Ministry and one (Pak based) ex-officio nominee shall be placed by Ministry of Religious Affairs on the panel of Hiring Committee;

c.      Ministry of Religious Affairs shall nominate ex-officio representative to impart guidance to the committee, purely in advisory capacity;

d.      As a pre-condition, the said nominee shall be selected for the prime reason that he is familiar / conversant with the buildings, distance, reasonability of rent etc. in Makkah and Madina;


e.      The decision of the majority shall prevail.


f.        Any difference of opinion shall be referred to the Ministry of Religious Affairs whose decision would be binding. 


g.      On completion of the hiring process both in Makkah and Madina, the Joint Secretary (Hajj) who is a nominee of Ministry of Religious Affairs, shall submit a comprehensive report to the Ministry of Religious Affairs about the quality of buildings, reasonability of rent, distance and above all the snags (if any) which have surfaced during the hiring process.





There shall be a Hiring Review Committee comprising of the following:-


1.     Minister for Religious Affairs                               Chairman

2.     Minister of State for Religious Affairs                  Vice Chairman


3.    Chairman, Senate Standing Committee             Member

        for Religious Affairs                                            

4.     Chairman, National Assembly Standing             Member

        Committee for Religious Affairs

5.     One Member of the Senate                                 Member

6.     One Member of the National Assembly              Member          

7.     Director General Hajj, Jeddah                             Convener

8.     Director Hajj, Jeddah                                           Secretary


(a)               At-least two (2) and maximum three (3) members of the above Committee shall visit Saudi Arabia for not more than two times (during the hiring season) on need basis.


(b)               The said committee shall submit its report commenting on the reasonability and standard of buildings so hired, to the Prime Minister.


(c)               No authority other than the Hiring Review Committee shall be authorized to generate any report being addressed to the President, Prime Minister or any body or organ of the state about the hired buildings in KSA. (except sub-para B(1)(g) above).


(d)               The expenditure in respect of members mentioned at S.No.(s) 3 to 6 shall be borne by the respective Secretariats.





For Hajj – 2010, Ministry of Religious Affairs has arranged to accommodate 100% of Government Hujjaj in old Mina which entails higher price on comparative terms as it is nearest to Jamaraat. This will save Pakistani Hujjaj from traveling long distance to perform the ritual of Rammi.


One piece of land has been contemplated for the entire Government Hujjaj instead of scattered accommodation.




            The interaction with the Pakistani Community in KSA has been very encouraging. Pakistani businessmen have voluntarily offered to provide services, mainly in Mashair as follows:-


a)   They will place at the disposal of Ministry of Religious Affairs about 500/600 trained personnel who can speak Arabic language and are familiar with the geography of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalfa.


b)   They have also committed to provide 100 Motor bikes to monitor the Pakistani Hujjaj round the clock and rescue any Haji who has lost his way and direction.


c)   They would also arrange for the coats bearing Pakistani flag on them for identification purposes.


d)   These services shall be free of cost and purely on voluntary basis and with the spirit of rendering services to their Pakistani brethren.






The schedule for enrollment of HGOs for Hajj-2010 and receipt of hajj applications under HGOs scheme would be as under:-


Issuance/submission of application

forms for enrollment as HGO                                           =          07-06-2010 to 17-06-2010


Scrutiny of application forms for

Enrollment/documents/past performance                        =          18-06-2010 to 30-06-2010


Announcement of categories of HGOs

and issuance of offer letters/Hajj

application forms to the HGOs                                         =          01-07-2010 to 07-07-2010


Deposit of cash guarantee or contribution

to Hujjaj Compensation Fund / Service

Providers Agreement                                                        =          01-07-2010 to 07-07-2010


Last date for deposit of Hajj application

forms by the HGOs and issuance of

recognition letters to the HGOs                                        =          15-08-2010


Issuance of final list of HGOs along-with

Quota and detail of Munazim card etc

to Saudi Hajj Ministry, Saudi Embassy

and Saudi Consulate General at Karachi

for issuance of Multiple entry visas                                   =          15-08-2010


Last date for submission of passports,                            =          20-09-2010 


            As a result of agreement entered with the Saudi Counterparts, following policy decisions emerged: -

i)        All the companies operating for Hajj 2010 should have held Munazim Card Number in the past.

ii)       For the existing HGOs there shall be a one time (i.e, current year) exemption from having an IATA membership which shall be mandatory for Hajj-2011.

iii)     For new companies, the condition of IATA membership as well as holding of Munazim Card Number in the past is mandatory.



            The Saudi Authorities have observed that the numbers of Hajj Group Organizers in Pakistan are swelling manifold and it needs to be curtailed for proper handling and monitoring. Following measures, if need be, are proposed:-      


a)         The number of Tour Operators can, therefore, be reduced by banding them into a group consisting of 03 companies which shall be considered as one company operating under the mother company (selected mutually). The procedure of banding the companies shall be as follows: -

i)                    In line with the Saudi Policy of reduction in the number of HGOs, which presently is 635 (Munazim Card holders) and possibility of new HGOs adding to the toll, it has been decided to band them in a group of 03 HGOs each (like minded group) so as to bring down the total number of HGOs as required.

ii)                   The group of 03 HGOs shall decide the sharing of profit and loss amongst themselves and shall be accountable to each other vicariously.

iii)                 02 HGOs shall merge with the mother company which shall be entitled to receive the cumulative quota in its name and shall be responsible for obtaining barcodes, affixation of visas, booking of flights etc.

iv)                 All the 03 companies shall be jointly and severally liable, if any fraud or malfeasance is committed by either of them.

v)                  The mother company shall keep an eye on the partner companies and shall devise its internal control systems to prevent its partner companies entering into any act of criminal negligence, violation of SPA, fraud etc. In case it fails to keep vigil, the incidence of punitive measures on it shall be on a greater scale than others. 


b)                  The methodology spelled out above shall be applicable only if the Saudi Hajj Ministry insists for the reduction of the number of Hajj Group Organizers.


c)                  Moreover, if additional quota, as claimed, is not provided in time then recourse can be made to para-4 above so as to accommodate new applicants, who have impleaded before the Supreme Court and condition of Munazim number is relaxed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry.




a)                  (i)         That the HGO shall deposit cash Guarantee @ Rs.20,000/- per pilgrim within two weeks of the receipt of offer letter to safeguard the interest of the pilgrims. 80% shall be refunded after the last Haji arrives from KSA and the balance 20% when the clearance is received from Ministry of Hajj, KSA subject to para 11.



(ii)                The requirement of para-14 is fulfilled and the agreed upon         amount @ Rs.5000/- has been deposited in the non-chequing account at the time of receipt of application forms from the Banks.


(iii)               The logic for having cash guarantee or a one time deposit in the non-chequing account is to safeguard the interest of Hujjaj. Any depletion in this account due to any payments made to the affectees shall be raised from the profits credited by the Bank on deposits or in case if the shortfall still persists; the Hajj Group Organizer shall guarantee to maintain the initial level of deposits in this account.


b)            That no major violation has been committed/ established against the HGO for the immediately preceding Hajj season;

c)            That the Saudi Hajj Ministry has not lodged any complaint against the HGO;

d)            That the HGO is a Munazim Card number holder as in the past;

e)            That the over-all performance of the HGO has remained satisfactory;

f)              That the HGO in the past has fulfilled the commitments, made with the Hujjaj, honestly and sincerely;

g)            That the accommodation hired by the HGO & other agreed upon facilities commensurate with the package offered to the Hujjaj.

h)            That the HGO possesses the capacity, experience, skill & financial means to facilitate the Hujjaj befittingly;

i)              That the HGO has its own interactive Website.

j)              Only those applications shall be entertained which have been submitted within the stipulated time-frame.

k)            That bar code is obtained from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia well before the cut off date announced in this connection during the previous Hajj.




                     i.            Should hold an IATA membership or any other accredited Membership on the cut off date announced by the Ministry.

                   ii.            Should hold a Munazim card number as in the past.

                  iii.            Should be able to organize Hajj Groups of at least 300 and be a private limited tourism company with a paid up capital of at least five million and have at least 3 (Three) years working experience as Hajj or Umrah organizer or tourism company or travel agency.

                 iv.            Should provide proof of exclusive and properly maintained office with computer, internet and electronic data transmission facility. On ground checking of the premises, if found otherwise, the HGO will be rendered ineligible.

                   v.            Should not have been blacklisted by Saudi Government, Ministry of Religious Affairs or by Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan as a travel agency or a tour operator during previous years.

                 vi.            Should not have violated Saudi Taleemat (regulations) and Government of Pakistan Hajj & Umrah policies.

                vii.            Should be fully conversant with Manasik-e-Hajj as per Saudi requirements.

              viii.            Should provide cash deposit (guarantee) in terms of para-5 (a), Service Provider Agreement and under-taking as per specifications of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Pakistan.

                 ix.            Should be able to make all arrangements for Hujjaj and their repatriation from Saudi Arabia if required.

                   x.            HGOs having even one common Director will be treated as one company for allocation of quota.



      The purpose of categorization & introduction of Eligibility Criteria is to ensure transparency, introduce deserving companies on merit, to discourage people from exerting untoward pressures etc. Moreover, the rationale behind this exercise is to bring on the forefront, the most deserving Hajj Group Organizer’s who have plenty of experience behind them and possess the necessary expertise to deliver in an efficient and impeccable manner.


For transparency, to bring right people at the right slot and to discourage the companies to get quota on the basis of untoward pressure, the following categorization will be introduced for Hajj - 2010:-




No. of




§     Have lifted load of 2000 Hujjaj or more during last 06 hajj Operations.

§     No major or minor complaint is established for Hajj 2009.

6 Yr


5 Yr


4 Yr



§     Have lifted load of 1500 Hujjaj or more during last 06 hajj Operations.

§     No major or minor complaint is established for Hajj 2009.

6 Yr


5 Yr


4 Yr



§     Have lifted load of 1000 Hujjaj or more during last 06 hajj Operations.

§     No major complaint is established for Hajj 2009.

6 Yr


5 Yr


4 Yr



§     Have lifted load of 500 hujjaj or more during last 06 hajj Operations.

§     No major complaint is established for Hajj 2009.

6 Yr


5 Yr


3/4 Yr



§      Have lifted load of 50 hujjaj or more during last 06 hajj Operations.

§     No major complaint is established for Hajj 2009.

6 Yr


5 Yr


4 Yr


1-3 Yr



§     New HGOs who qualify to operate and are IATA member.

§     New HGOs who have held Munazim Card Number in the past.

    (The above two conditions are as per Saudi   Taleemat) 






a)         All HGOs shall arrange their Hajj flights on their own, with the authorized airlines and deposit the airfare as a walk in customer at the counter. However, Compulsory Hajj Dues shall be deposited with the Ministry of Religious Affairs. (through banks);

b)         The HGOs will directly approach the authorized airlines of their choice for booking of their Hujjaj short of which they may not proceed to Saudi Arabia;

c)         The airline shall book HGOs and their groups on “first come first serve basis” and shall furnish the invoice, verified by HGO, indicating the number of Hujjaj booked by them.



a)            All HGOs shall be responsible to arrange their bar codes by 20th September, 2010 without fail.

b)            As required through Service Provider Agreement, the HGOs are under an obligation to operate from their registered offices. Opening of branch office would tantamount to violation of the agreement and the HGOs shall be liable to severe penalty coupled with black listing of the company.

c)            The companies which are sold for satisfying the claim of affectees would be entitled to normal quota under the new management.

d)            Where there is change of management as a result of sale of company, the new management shall give an undertaking and solemn affirmation on oath to the effect that the directors so black listed are not included in the affairs of the company and if found so, the company shall be liable to severe penalty.

e)            In the light of instructions given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, new HGOs who have impleaded themselves before the honorable Court have been enrolled and request sent to the Saudi Hajj Ministry for allotment of Munazim Card No. in relaxation of the condition of possessing Munazim Card No. in the past for new applicants.

f)              In case the Saudi Hajj Ministry agrees to the request of MORA, quota of 50 hujjaj (for which separate request has already been made) shall be allocated to the new HGOs, thus introducing them to the business which definitely requires lots of experience.

g)            For obtaining IATA accreditation by the new HGOs (condition fixed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry), there shall be a cut-off date i.e. 31st July, 2010.  There after, the new HGOs shall not be entitled to the allocation of quota as a matter of right as sufficient opportunity was available to them to fulfill the requisite condition.




            Penal provisions are being introduced for the sake of deterrence as below:-


                                       i.            In case of major violation(s) reported by the Saudi Hajj Ministry, Pakistan Hajj Mission  or Haji, and subsequently established, the HGO can be blacklisted and banned permanently and its cash guarantee shall be forfeited or equivalent amount recovered from the non-chequing account;


                                     ii.            If the HGO has committed fraud or criminal neglect, the entire cash deposit shall be forfeited or equivalent amount recovered from the non-chequing account. The company and its Directors shall be blacklisted and case referred to FIA.


                                    iii.            In case of serious violation(s) of Service Provider Agreement subsequently proved in the process of enquiry by Ministry of Hajj, Saudia or Ministry of Religious Affairs or Pakistan Hajj Mission, an amount to the extent of 20% shall be forfeited, as fine/penalty, from the cash deposit (Guarantee Money) if any, of HGO or recovered from the non-chequing account and shall be down-graded while allocating quota for next year.


                                   iv.            Complaints by the Hajis shall be (where possible) decided on the spot by the Monitoring Cells or the Ministry, as the case may be;


                                     v.            Complaints in Saudia shall be filed with the Pakistan House (Main Cell) & Sectoral Cells;


                                   vi.            If nature of complaint is serious, then the Sector Cell Incharge shall recommend the same for hearing by a panel in Pakistan;


                                  vii.            Where the allegations, leveled by the Hajis, are proved to be baseless and unfounded (without any corroborative evidence), they will be forced to render forgiveness in writing and the HGO would be at liberty to refer the matter before the Civil Courts on charges of mis-reporting and false accusations.


                                viii.            Total transparency shall be ensured by introducing an effective system of monitoring to check corruption and provide maximum facilities to the Hujjaj.


                                   ix.            In case HGO fails to submit the Hajj application forms by the cut off date in the banks, the cash guarantee if any @ 1% per day shall be forfeited or this amount shall be charged from the non-chequing account which the defaulter Hajj Group Organizer would be obliged to replenish; 


                                     x.            All HGOs shall be responsible to arrange their barcodes well within the specified time (i.e. 20th of September, 2010). In case of late submission of barcodes within the specified time frame, cash guarantee to the extent of 1% (of the total cash guarantee) for each day shall be forfeited and after affording reasonable time of further one week, the quota so allocated shall be withdrawn and allocated to other companies or the penalty shall be recoverable from the non-chequing account ;


                                   xi.            All HGOs shall report at Pakistan House, Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah, within 02 days of reaching the Holy land for Hajj, otherwise cash guarantee @ 1% (of total cash guarantee) per day shall be forfeited or recovered from the non-chequing account;





i)                    A massive awareness campaign through media, holding workshops & seminars etc shall be launched to create awareness amongst intending Hujjaj against sub-agents and unauthorized dealers. The Pakistan Hajj Group Organizers Federation (PHOF) would steer the campaign both physically and financially to spread awareness through the good offices of this Ministry.


ii)                   There shall be a common insignia/monogram approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs which would prominently appear as a sign board displayed both in front of the office of authorized HGO and inside the office.


iii)                 The public shall be advised not to hand over money at offices where approved registration certificate or sign board is not displayed.


iv)                 As per Service Provider Agreement an HGO cannot operate from an office other than a registered office.

v)                  The intending Hujjaj would only approach those HGOs who have their registered office in the same city/province.

vi)                 Each HGO will create its website, which will be linked with Ministry’s website.

vii)               A list along with particulars of authorized HGOs shall be given to FIA authorities to verify their credentials and meeting in this regard will be held at all levels and also with provincial and other law enforcing agencies.

viii)              The HGO Federation will evolve a strategy, covering all steps, involved in E-Hajj application form.




a)         Special Fund named as “Hujjaj Compensation Fund (HCF)” shall be created by the Pakistan Hajj Group Organizers Federation on their own volition with the dual objective, to rescue the affectees from any fraud committed by any HGO and for streamlining the existing IT system in the Ministry of Religious Affairs from manual to electronic.


b)         An amount @ Rs.5000/- per pilgrim shall be deposited as provided vide para 5 (a) (ii) in the non-chequing account in the name of HGO’s Federation but shall not be operate-able till approved by an authorized officer of Ministry of Religious Affairs.


c)         The designated Bank shall not release application forms to the Hajj Group Organizers unless it satisfies itself that the contribution of Rs.5,000/- has been made to the fund.


d)         Those HGOs, who for some reason cease to operate, shall be entitled to take refund from the Fund.


e)         Ministry of Religious Affairs shall constitute a Committee comprising of members / representatives from Ministry of Religious Affairs and Pakistan Hajj Group Organizers Federation which will have the mandate to decide and settle the claims of affectees.


f)          A system generated receipt shall be issued to the Hujjaj and claims shall be entertained only on production of such receipt.




a)                  A contingent of 260 members of Hajj Medical Mission, drawn from Pakistan armed forces and Federal/Provincial Health Ministries, is deputed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for facilitation of Hujjaj to provide medical cover and other services.


b)                  The number of Hajj Medical Mission (260) was determined when the number of Hajj pilgrims was approximately 100,000. This year 164,647 pilgrims will perform Hajj from Pakistan, therefore, the strength of Hajj Medical Mission is proposed to be increased by 20 seats subject to availability of funds, however, selection for these additional seats will be decided by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


Every year, a Medical Mission of 260 members is detailed for Medical Coverage of Pilgrims as under:-

    • Doctors from Pak. Armed Forces/Civil                  100
    • Paramedics from Pak. Armed Forces/Civil            150
    • Hukma                                                                            5
    • Homeo Doctors                                                             5

                        Total:                                                                          260

Ř            A fifty bed main hospital at Makkah Mukarramah and eight dispensaries in each sector will be established during Hajj Season.

Ř            One main hospital and three dispensaries will be established at Madinah Munawwarah during Hajj Season.

Ř            Medicines worth Rs.11 Million against the budget provision will be sent for Hujjaj in Saudi Arabia.

Ř            The ACWY-135 Meningitis vaccine is imported from Belgium for inoculation of   pilgrims (mandatory).

Ř            Polio vaccine is also administered to the pilgrims (mandatory).




A contingent of 230 Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj, drawn from Pakistan armed forces, Civil Armed Forces and Boys Scouts, including Director Khuddam of the rank of Lt. Col., is deputed to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for preparation/allocation of buildings to Hujjaj from Pakistan. Like-wise the strength of the Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj will be adjusted upward by additional 20 seats, considering increase in the number of Hajis.


Khuddam ul Hujjaj as detailed below, are deputed for the welfare of pilgrims:-

Armed Forces                                                130

Pakistan Boy Scouts                                    50                                                                          

Police/ Civil Armed Forces                          50

Local based at KSA                                      250

                              Total:                                                  480



§               Preparation of buildings for Hujjaj.

§               Allocation of accommodation to Hujjaj.

§               Tafweez / Tarheel  (reception/ departure) Cell



A contingent of 250 seasonal staff (150 from Ministry of Religious Affairs and 100 from other Ministries/Divisions and Provincial Governments), is deputed to Saudi Arabia for establishing facilitation desks in main control rooms/sector offices for the guidance of the Hajj Pilgrims. Airfare/DA is charged from their respective departments.


MORA                                                 150

                                    Others (Federal Ministries &

                                    provincial Govts & AJK)                  100

                                                Total:                                      250



Ř            Facilitation desks at Jeddah/ Madinah Airports.

Ř            Sector offices at Makkah and Madinah.

Ř            Reception and departure cell

Ř            Lost and Found Cell

Ř            Information and Inquiry Cell

Ř            Complaint Cell

Ř            Mobile Inspection Cell





It is generally observed that Pakistani women are not usually clad in proper dress. Their dress (Shalwar & Qameez) does not match with the sanctity attached with Hajj and the holy places. In order to cover as per the requirement, an abaya will be part of the “Ahram”. Every lady shall carry at least two abayas with her. 



The Ministry gives high priority for training of pilgrims. Master trainers from the teaching faculties of Arabic and Islamic Studies Departments of the Universities and the experienced master trainers working on voluntary basis will impart training to pilgrims upto Tehsil level. The Provincial Governments also provide all the necessary facilities for training programs. PTV and Radio Pakistan will also run special programs on Hajj. The intending pilgrims are advised to attend the training programs regularly.




Updated CDs on Hajj are made available in the Haji Camps at a nominal price for the benefit of the pilgrims. Hajj booklets “Safar-e-Sa’adat” will be provided to the pilgrims to enable them to prepare for Hajj.



The pilgrims will be allowed free transportation of 10 liter can of Aab-e-Zam Zam with their luggage.        




a)            Hujjaj are not permitted to undertake any work related to propaganda or circulations, having political aims or otherwise. They must refrain themselves from bringing narcotics and restricted items under whatever label or name, they may be. The penalty / sentence for these items will be harsh and imposed according to the existing laws of the Kingdom without any mercy or slackness.


b)            All Hujjaj must abide by the Saudi Civil Aviation and international instructions regarding the size, weight and durability of their luggage and carrying bag.


c)            Transportation charges inside the Holy cities would not be refundable.


d)            In order to avoid over-crowding and stampede at Rami Jamarat, all Hujjaj should perform Rami in permissible time only. Further, the Hujjaj shall not be permitted to go for Rami in prohibited time.


e)            On 12th Zil-Hajj, the departure for Rami by all the Hujjaj after Zawal in one go results usually in over-crowding and stampede etc. in Mina and Haram-e-Makkah for Tawafa-e-Widah. Therefore, from this year i.e. 1431 H, Saudi Hajj Ministry has articulated an automatic system for Rami/Tawafa-e-Widah, spreading over the following three groups:


         Pioneer Group: After Rami, this group will depart from Mina to Haram Sharif from Mid night on 12th Zil-Hajj till 10.00 a.m.

         2nd Group will depart from 6.00 p.m of 12 Zil-Hajj.

         3rd Group will depart after Zawal of 13th Zil-Hajj.


f)              Thirty percent (30%) Hujjaj‘s departure will be delayed till the thirteenth Zil-Hajj. Their program will be finalized in close and direct liaison/coordination with Moassasah Tawafa so that buses may be arranged in time for the performance of Rami Jamarat and transportation of Hujjaj to their respective accommodation.


g)            While performing Rami, children, luggage and wheel chairs etc. should not be brought along as these would cause problem to all the Hujjaj. This should be avoided strictly. Women, old age and week Hujjaj may appoint their wakils for Rami Jamarat.


h)            The routes approaching the Jamarat and back to the tents must be adopted strictly, which would facilitate to avoid confrontation amongst the pedestrians.


i)              All the documents, cash and other precious belongings may be deposited either with Mutafa Adillah, field offices, Group Leader of Tourism Companies, Amanat Khanas etc. and receipt thereof may also be obtained.


j)              All the pilgrims should wear lockets, available with them, or any other favourable identification which may carry apart from the pilgrim’s name, his necessary health data for reasons of convenience.


k)            A sticker, containing all the details of Haji may be pasted on all the articles of luggage of Hujjaj so that in case of loss, these could be identified and traced out.


l)              All Hujjaj are advised not to sleep on roads or paths, in the Holy city of Makkah Mukarramah and Masjid-e-Nabvi Sharif and around the Harams. Like-wise, same shall be applicable in the case of Mushair (Mina & Arafat).


m)         Hujjaj are advised not to carry any edible items with them to KSA as these things shall not be allowed to enter the Kingdom. Edible things may not be purchased from moving persons. Similarly hair cutting may be made from specified points only.


n)            Qurbani may not be done on a place other than a slaughter house. Qurbani may be done in a manner that benefits general public.





            In addition to the instructions, discussed above, following further instructions would be applicable under HGOs Scheme:

a)      The Pakistani side is bound to convey to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj         the list of Tour Operators (Tour and Travel companies) permitted to         work during the hajj season 1431H with the following conditions: -


i.         It is important that the list should contain the names of the Tour Operators, their registration number (Munazzim No.) with the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia in the past years. The list should also contain the number of hujjaj with every organizer, the names of the Tour Operators representatives and their passport numbers;


ii.       Every tour company/agency/charity Organization should have a minimum number of 100 pilgrims. The number should not exceed the admissible capacity of the permit. Contracts concluded in excess of the admissible capacity would not be entertained.


iii.      The authorized language will be in Arabic language and the English translation may be attached. The list should be on the official letter pad duly signed,   attested and stamped by the head of the official Hajj Mission.


b)      The HGO or representative shall be black-listed permanently on the basis of complaints received from KSA or on the basis of adjudication by Ministry of Religious Affairs.


c)      The Pakistani side will be responsible for any delay to concerned official agencies and the tour operators if clauses a) and b) are not implemented.


d)      The Tour Operator should not be allowed to make any agreement         for the accommodation of hujjaj except the authorized Tour           Operators in the list for the year 1431 by the Ministry of Hajj and       issuance of Munazim Card by the Moassasah South Asia.


e)      The Tour Operators who are authorized by the Pakistani side are         bound to the following:-


i.      To arrive in the Kingdom for preparation of the concerned agreements after obtaining the appropriate visa for the arrangement of hujjaj affairs.


ii.     The following documents should be provided while approaching the Moassasah South Asia:-

§             The copy of the license issued by the concerned Ministry with the original for verification. The license should contain the maximum number of hujjaj organized through him and should not be more than the allotted quota during the signing of agreements.

§             Copy of the registration with the original for verification.

§             In case of the Representative of the company, he should provide authority letter for the year 1431H (2010).

§             The above documents should be duly attested from the Saudi Embassy / Consulate.

iii.    The HGO shall not make any agreement for services with other Tawafa and in case of violation; appropriate action will be taken by the Ministry of Hajj.

iv.    The Tour Operator should not make contract with non Saudis regarding the accommodation of Hujjaj. The agreement should be directly with the owners or investors or lease holders being Saudi nationals without any involvement of middleman / broker.

v.     The Tour Operator should make agreement for the transportation of his hujjaj with the authorized Air lines directly without involving Saudi nationals.

vi.    The Tour Operator or his official Representative should make all concerned agreements and not to authorize or give power of attorney to Saudi Nationals or local residents from other nationalities.

vii.   The Tour Operator will not be allowed to organize hajj from other countries.

viii.    The Tour Operator should make separate agreement with every  haji and will specify the services agreed between them and a copy should be given to every haji and also to the Ministry.

ix.    He will affix the barcode issued by the Ministry of Hajj, KSA on the passport of his hujjaj.

x.     The Tour Operator or his Representative shall accompany and follow the hujjaj at every step (from their arrival, departure, accommodation at Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah and Mashair, during their movement and visiting the sick hajis and the deceased) to provide facility and necessary services to them and to work on their guidance. On arrival of hujjaj or their movement, he or his representative should accompany with every group with the identification card.

xi.    The Tour Operator should organize one company. He will not be allowed to organize more than one company. In case of violation, the Tour Operator will be responsible for the consequences.

xii.    The Tour Operator should provide time schedule for the arrival and departure of his hujjaj through authorized Air line with the coordination of the Civil Aviation, KSA.